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We provide our AescuLink hardware for telemedicine solutions as well as medical services

In order to have a fully functionable telemedicine solution, you need the following elements:


Telemedicine hardware and software in the remote end where the patient is.


Telemedicine hardware and software in the near end in the hands of a doctor.


Appropiate communications in between the two.


Wea re proud to say that we provide it all.



Software solutions for telemedicine must be rugged, simple and very easy to use. It is a simple must. And software solutions must be fully integrated so that the doctor can see what happens in the remote end. In this way the doctor will be able to guide the helper to better and more accurate assistance.

The solution must be able to work despite the fact that there may be a long communications delay like in satellite networks. And the solution musty be able to work with as little as 256Kbits. Because this is the true world. .



Our maritime solution is now implemented in the Danish Radio Medical for Danish seafarers as well as Danish flagged vessels as well as in our private clinic for any nationality or any flagged vessel on the globe.



We work with car manufactorers in order to supply knowledge and solutions for intelligent cars.



At present we work with some of the worlds dominant airlines in order to implement our AescuLink system in the airplanes.

AescuLink Merchant Marine - The professional decision


On the ocean, the next doctor may be thousands of miles away. Most commercial vessels provide a medical station, but no doctor. The „Guidelines of Care for Cruise Ship Medical Facilities“ require the presence of a doctor only for 100 crew members or more.

AescuLink System - Broschure for Maritime


In the event of an emergency, what are the commanding officers’s options? He may approach the nearest port or request evacuation by ship or helicopter. Both options waste time that could be crucial for the patient and they waste the time and money of the vessel’s owner.

Medical treatment on board is possible , but often medical knoledge and instruments are missing

AescuLink Yachting - Safely onboard


Cruising on a yacht is a great adventure. One discovers the last frontier of the planet: the open sea. But independence can quickly turn into isolation: an accident or a sudden illness on sea may be life-threatening without access to medical emergency care.


AescuLink Yachting replaces the emergency doctor on board. AescuLink System consists of a durable case that contains a complete emergency care system able to read and transmit all vital data. Following a personal health assessment, additional instruments may be included, such as an ultrasound, a mini lab or quick diagnostics.

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