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What We Do?



We make telemedicine solutions for instant emergency environments.



A medical emergency may arise anywhere on the globe at any given time. Fast and professional help can be a matter of life and death. But the next emergency doctor may be a long way from the board of an airplane or a yacht.


With the push of a button on our AescuLink, anyone can contact an emergency medical center via audio and video.

Vital parameters , such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation, or an ECG can be sent in sync. AescuLink is the basis for a reliable diagnosis and guides step by step through the required measures.


Our innovative technology gives you direct access to competent medical help from Earth’s most secluded locations.

AescuLink is the first telemedicine system to be implemented in a public maritime environment. Radio Medical of Denmark has been the first public hospital to implement a true telemedicine solution. Hereby Radio Medical of Denmark has taken the step to actively use video and vital patient data in their service.

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